May 17, 2018, 12:00 AM

On the Beat: St. Mary's at the Western Festival

To spread the word about what’s happening at St. Mary’s, I’ve invited Brenda Pfau to be our reporter on the beat. I hope you’ll join me in looking forward to brief articles from her about how St. Mary’s is influencing our people and community. There’s so much to celebrate and share!

To this first article, I’d like to add my thanks: Norm DeYoung, Diana Siers, and most especially Scott Siers made this year’s volunteer experience a good one, making sure folks were well prepared for their work. Woo-hoo! –Rev. Anne

Pictured: During a slow moment at Gate 2, our volunteers got a great view of a helicopter demonstration as it lifted off. 


St. Mary’s at the Elk Grove Western Festival

By Brenda Pfau

This year marked the 60th year for the Western Festival here in Elk Grove, and St. Mary’s was there to help. For many years, St. Mary’s members have assisted with the festival’s parking. It is a relationship that benefits both St. Mary’s and the festival. This year, thirty volunteers from St. Mary’s staffed each entrance of the park and collected fees.

Scott and Diana Siers did an awesome job recruiting the needed volunteers to work. This year, Diana started recruiting even earlier than usual, which resulted in many hands to help. And, every volunteer was sent a handwritten thank-you card expressing St. Mary’s appreciation for their time and effort. However, we want to thank Scott and Diana for all their work, past and present, which have made our efforts at the Western Festival a success. We also extend a big thank you to Carol McElheney for the hours and help she devoted to assisting our volunteers working the gates. There were a couple small glitches as would be expected, but for the most part, the shifts went smoothly.

Our volunteers had an opportunity to interact with the Elk Grove community in a positive way. Also, because volunteers are frequently paired up at each gate, St. Mary’s members had the opportunity to visit and get to know each other as well.

A final thank you from St. Mary’s to Norm DeYoung, a member of St. Mary’s. As General Chairman of the festival, he is actively involved in planning, organizing, promoting, and running the Western Festival. His efforts to make the event a success cannot be understated. For those who have not yet volunteered at this event, we hope you will consider joining in the fun next year.