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St. Mary’s Sunday School Term 2016-2017

Welcome to the 2016-2017 St. Mary’s Sunday school term.  We are excited to reconvene on Sunday September 11, 2016 and begin our year.  We look forward to hearing about the summer adventures of our students, meet new friends, and take up where we left off last term with our Weaving God’s Promises curriculum.   
Last term we focused on Weaving our Faith through our discovery of bible stories and verses that showed the challenges in life and the promise that God will always be there for his people if we have faith.
This year we will build on the promise of faith and discover how the family of God is woven together.  Our Weaving God’s Promises curriculum for the year is called,  Weaving Together the Family of God, and together we will explore stories and activities that highlight the people of God. We will hear about Abraham and Sarah, Jacob, Moses, various prophets and disciples and deepen our understanding of Jesus and his ministry.  
We are also excited to introduce some youth formation in Weaving God’s Promises for Youth which will is geared towards 12-14 year olds, but will have relevance for all teens in the parish.  We are still in the planning stages but we are hopeful and eager to provide a unique opportunity for youth formation throughout the year.
 We will continue to expand our Sunday school relationships with the congregation and each other in activities, readings and dramas both in the classroom and for the church in Youth Sundays and hopefully incorporate some outings and gatherings into our Sunday school year.
We are also excited to introduce a new member of our Sunday school team.  Sarah Meckler-Tate has agreed to assist with our Sunday school program.  She will bring her experience as a Lutheran pastor and her talents in children formation and puppetry that will add to the fun and excitement of our year.   Astra and David Gleason have also offered to bring their artistic abilities to the classroom and co-teach a class once a month.  Even with all the generosity and enthusiasm these three bring to the classroom, we will still need additional help in the classroom in order to provide a safe and meaningful experience for our St. Mary’s children and youth. If you are a parent or just appreciate the energy and joy our St. Mary’s kids bring to the parish, please consider helping out.  You can contact me at
Again, thank you for allowing me the privilege of working with your wonderful children and please remember our classroom is open and encourages visits from families and members of the congregation.  We can’t wait to get started on Sunday September 11.



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