The Life of Faith

Our Beliefs

St. Mary's and the Episcopal Church

"Opening Hearts and Minds to All"


St. Mary's is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, which joins the over 70 churches of the Episcopal Church from Sacramento County to the Oregon border, and from the Nevada border to the Pacific Ocean.

The word Episcopal means "pertaining to Bishops". We are part of a worldwide association, or communion, known as the "Anglican Communion". Together we join with our brothers and sisters all over the world in worshiping Jesus Christ in common prayer.


Our Core Values:

CommitmentWe are committed to God in Jesus Christ, to one another, and to Jesus' mission to the world.

Care—We enjoy and care for one another at St. Mary's.

CompassionWe reach out in God's compassion to the world around us, including people from all backgrounds and cultures.

Celebration—We rejoice in God's love through worship, fellowship, and special events.


Our Purpose:

The purpose of St. Mary's Episcopal Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.