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The Rev. Dr. Raymond Potter

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First of all, I wish to thank the community of St. Mary’s for accepting me into their community after being Rector of All Saint’s in Sacramento where I left in my 50’s when a brain injury of 12 years ago started to act up. It was caused by a 104 degree fever which caused a certain part of the brain to shut down and thus after all that time the pension fund helped me decide that I need to leave as a full time Rector.

I was born in Providence. Yes, I am a Yankee, but I don’t act like most Yankees.  I am however an avid Red Sox supporter and in 2004, the year my father died, they won the World Series the first time since 1918. I was overwhelmed when the curse of Babe Ruth trade to the N.Y. Yankees was always with them… the New York Yankees thought and my father got to see his team win which he never thought he would witness.

I went to Seminary in Rochester, New York at the University of Rochester interfaith Seminary and was ordained a priest on June 2, 1979.  I then finally went back to school with the Bishops encouragement and graduated with my Doctor of Ministry in 1995.  (I would never suggest anyone going back to the university after a long time from the time you graduate.)

I was Youth Ministry Director for the Diocese of St. Louis, Missouri after being received into the Episcopal Church from the Roman Church.  Then I was called to be Rector of St. Alban’s in Providence, Rhode Island and was there for over 6 years. I was then called to Tulsa, Oklahoma with a congregation of about 700 people until 2000 (yes tornado alley, which scared me each time I saw a black cloud) and this is where I had the brain injury while under doctor care for over 4 weeks and they were never sure what caused it because I am ”never” sick”. After a period of recovery I was elected to the smaller congregation of All Saint’s, Sacramento which was smaller and the right size for me to manage.  I retired in 2006 with the pension blessing and then this is when I arrived at St. Mary’s since I live in Elk Grove and Father Ray Hess wanted some help and I gladly accepted his offer

It is a pleasure to serve you here but when you don’t see me I am also a supply priest for other parishes of this Diocese, who need a priest because of vacation and other reasons.

- The Rev. Dr. Raymond Potter

  January 2022  
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