• Bishop Ben back at service!
  • Cross at night
  • St. Mary's volunteers deliver supplies to the teachers of Tsukamoto Elementary
  • St. Mary's 30th Anniversary Celebration!
  • Father Coloma and Officers of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in the Philippines 2020
  • Baptism of four great-grandchildren! 2020
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2018 Begins!

Please join us Sunday mornings at 10:00 for in-person worship or via Facebook live!

In person service followed by Coffee Hour!

Email us at: st.marys@frontiernet.net


Join us this Easter season as we prepare for the Resurrection. There will be singing and rejoicing.  

The Rev. Jocelynn Hughes will be presiding and celebrating with us on Palm Sunday March 24TH.

The Rev. Linda Huggard will be presiding during the Holy Week Services.

Check out our events on our calendar. 

. Hope to see you there!


 Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Diocese of Northern California, Greetings. We are one week away from Palm Sunday, then onto Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Looking ahead to the Season of Eastertide, I invite you to join in our upcoming Fearless Faith Revival. On Saturday, April 27, we will gather at the beautiful campus of St. John's Church in Roseville for an afternoon and evening of learning, sharing, fellowship, and worship. My friends, as a people of faith, we are in need of revival. In a time of wars, political tensions, economic struggles, and destructive weather, we have been tested and tried. Jesus himself took time from the demands of his ministry to connect with his Father and recharge his spirits. This is our time to gather together, to worship, break bread, to pray, and to strengthen the bonds which make us a people of God. The highlight of our Revival will be the Worship Service – featuring music, prayers, and preaching by our special guest, Bishop Daniel Gutiérrez of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. This energetic, spirit-filled event will end with a call to prayer and service. You will not want to miss this. The Fearless Faith Revival will bring friends and colleagues from around the Diocese, to hear from beloved speakers working in The Episcopal Church, and to recharge our batteries. It will bring us closer to what God calls us to do in the church. We will be planting love, harvesting hope, and walking away with a Fearless Faith, ready to share the love and passion for our Lord Jesus Christ with our communities. In addition, we are hosting workshops taught by leaders from around the country on creation care, evangelism, racial reconciliation, community involvement, and meeting the needs of different generations of faith seekers. The Revival Festival will feature ministry partners, exhibitors, vendors, and popular local food trucks. We will have prayer stations, contemplative spaces, and an outdoor labyrinth where you can walk prayerfully. And there will be a special area for kid-friendly activities. All activities at the Revival will be free. As you know, our Diocese gathers in person each fall for our annual convention. An important part of convention is the opportunity to join in lunch, or occasionally, a special dinner for delegates and clergy. This year, however, our convention will be held entirely online. As a result, the Fearless Faith Revival will be the only day we will gather in person as a diocese. My friends, hosting this revival is a huge undertaking of dedicated staff and volunteers from the entire diocese. It requires a significant investment of time and money. While much of the funds have been allocated by the Board of Trustees, there is still a need to defray the costs. One way that we hope to defray these expenses is a special dinner on the eve of the Revival. On Friday, April 26, we will host a "Fearless Feast" fundraising dinner at Trinity Cathedral, featuring locally sourced foods and beverages. This event will provide a unique opportunity to meet and mingle with leaders from the across the country. I realize the cost to attend may be a burden for many, but all may gather to eat together at the Revival Festival the next day. If you cannot join us for the Fearless Feast, please consider making a gift to help underwrite this milestone event. I believe that God has brought us as a diocese to this moment and that God is now calling us to an experience of His Renewal as a community. I urge you to send as many congregants as you can to join with me in responding to God’s action among us. We will find our thinking deepened in the workshops, our fellowship revived, and spirits warmed and encouraged. I am convinced that it is only from that place of praise and presence that we can begin to move outward to a whole community engagement to spread the Good News. In joyous anticipation, Bishop Megan